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Common mistakes while performing yoga and how to correct them

31 Aug 2022

The purpose of Yoga is to build strength, and flexibility. It brings in harmony between mind, body and soul through self-awareness, with awareness one can attain peace and health.

Published in Financial Express

Yoga is a healing process. The purpose of Yoga is to build strength, and flexibility. It brings in harmony between mind, body and soul through self-awareness, with awareness one can attain peace and health. But often due to push and pull and disturbances in life around, one moves away from that self-awareness and that leads to disorder, disturbance and dis-orientation.

Following are the common mistakes one may make while performing yoga

Tree Pose: This asana is for balance and strengthening the legs.

Common mistakes: Placing foot on the knee, and if hip juts then one may get mal-aligned leading to imbalance too.

Corrective practice: Place the foot at ankles, calf or inner thighs. Take support if necessary.

Padahastasana or Pashimottanasana: These are good to strengthen the legs and core muscles.

Common mistakes: Usually one bends from the lower back instead of hip joint, which can lead to injury.

Corrective practice: One with a tight hamstring can bend their knees at the beginning. Breathe out using the core muscles. Use a belt in seated forwards bends position.

Warrior 2 pose: In this pose the whole body is engaged, it opens the chest, hip joint area and strengthens the legs.

Common mistakes: Distance between two legs, Front leg extending beyond toes leading to knee pain. Arms extended at chest shoulder level.

Corrective practice: Front leg and foot at 90 degree angle and back leg straight with foot slightly tilted. Breathe in and feel the chest opening.

Bhujangasana: It is a gentle back bending asana good for strengthening the back, shoulders and arm. It opens up the chest area and also works for abdominal organs.

Common mistakes: When hands extend beyond shoulders it creates pressure on the lower back. Toes tucked in instead of lying flat.

Corrective practice: Hands below the shoulders with hands straight. Hips and knees should  touch the floor. Expand the chest while going backward instead of putting pressure on the lower back.

2) Breathing: During yoga breathing has to be rhythmic. When you breathe in your stomach should balloon out naturally and when you breathe out your stomach should retreat naturally but people subconsciously do it the opposite way which is incorrect.

3) Practice Yoga with an empty stomach: Minimum 2 hours gap is required. If at all you should eat before exercise it should be juicy fruits an hour before. It’s best to have a meal, post exercise.

4) Comfortable clothes: Try and wear as much organic material clothes as possible, so cotton is best suited. Material which can breathe air and keep body temperature cool. Avoid tight fitting clothes or it will create problems during movement.

5)  Right time: The calm and cool Yoga can happen 24×7 but the Yoga of exercise, the asanas, it’s better if they happen in the morning. Because your energies rise with the sunrise. So, the best time to do Yoga is in the morning. Because that’s the best time to reap the fruits of Yoga as your body is changed with energy. If you missed it in the morning you can do simple gentle stretches with regulated breath to release all the day’s stress  and ease yourself. In the evening it is not advisable to do any dynamic yoga or any any dynamic workout because your body gets into a lull after the sunset the energy is down and we should not artificially activate or stimulate the body, it might have its own repercussions and contraindications. Or simply pranayama, meditate, do Shavasana or Yoga nidra.

Published in Financial Express

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