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Cancer: Physiological, emotional wellbeing therapy, spiritual tips for patients

20 Jan 2023

This Cancer Prevention Awareness Month,

This Cancer Prevention Awareness Month, health experts spill the beans on how physiological and emotional wellbeing therapy and spiritual awareness through various kinds of meditation techniques and practices, support cancer patients to bounce back to health.

Many patients with cancer, and their caregivers, rely on spiritual or physiological and emotional wellbeing therapy to help cope with their disease and may want doctors to talk about spiritual concerns but may feel unsure about how to bring up the subject. While health care providers, who treat patients coping with cancer, are looking at new ways to help them with physiological and emotional wellbeing therapy and spiritual concerns, we got a few experts on board to spill the beans on the same this Cancer Prevention Awareness Month.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Mickey Mehta, Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach, pointed out that our breath is the most fundamental to human life and living while becoming conscious of the breath brings the breathe in harmony from being staggered, scattered, racing and irregular. “Once the breathe rhythm comes into place, our immunity goes high. So whether it is prevention or recovery from cancer, breathe-work is primary,” he said.

According to Dr Aashish Contractor, Director of Rehabilitation And Sports Medicine at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, cardiovascular exercise along with mental health sessions has proven to be very beneficial for cancer patients, aiding in their recovery and improving quality of life. Sharing the tips on how to recover and heal faster, Neha Ranglani, Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach shared, “Feeding your body with a plethora of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals and natural moisture through a wholesome plant based diet can help cancer patients recover and heal faster as it helps to eliminate toxins from the body and reduces the side effects of conventional cancer treatments along with helping people reverse their cancer as well."

She added, "Besides the physiological benefits, such a diet supports patients in their emotional and mental health as well because it feeds the good bacteria in the gut which directly impacts our mood and emotions by releasing healthy by products such as short chain fatty acids. Foods provided by nature like fruits and vegetables that are sun cooked and are vibrationally high that help our cells vibrate with positivity and this increases our healing capacity, make us more resilient in times of turmoil and get us closer to our true self to be able to take charge of our body, mind, emotions and life.”


Highlighting the importance of happy food, Dr Mickey Mehta revealed, “What we do throughout the day is eating/drinking/consuming, so consuming healthy, clean, green food really helps you vitalize yourself, regularize yourself and to begin with cleanse yourself and integrate you in terms of your physiology, all your systems and functions and create happy hormones. Happy food gives rise to happy hormones gives rise to harmony of health."


To deal with the food, Dr Mickey Mehta recommended optimal movement therapy. He suggested all kinds of exercises where you’re not punishing yourself, where you stretch/contract/circulate give rise to your immunoglobulins which once again shield you from diseases and helps you recover from weakness and back to strength from cancer.


He then suggested rest and therapies like taking massages/meditation/rest which are very good for repair and restore to bring back your life from disorder to order, dis-ease to ease, save our lives from decay/death and put it back onto the track of creative health/productive health/wholesome health/soulful health. “Singing /dancing/laughing/joking/child-like behaviour also gives rise to immunity and feel good factors, most importantly love. Love gives rise to oxytocin which is very healing in nature,” he said.


Echoing the same, Dr Hansaji Yogendra, Director of The Yoga Institute, stressed, “It is now scientifically proven that yoga plays a magical role in revitalizing and accelerating the healing process in cancer survivors and patients. Yoga resets and harmonizes your body and mind. It heals you and improves your quality of living. Yoga enhances your prana which plays a critical role in healing each and every cell of your body.”


Since meditation, positive thinking and psychosomatic therapies boosts our cells as we generate good hormones and slow down the process of cell damages, Acharya Lokesh Muni too commented that yoga boosts cells life and fighting capability against virus attacks. He said, “Cancer is a bacteria which attacks cells. Meditation eliminates the negativity within us and generates positive thinking, which gives strength to hope, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, confidence, vitality. During meditation, by going to the level of the subconscious mind, by using the automatic notification of attention, you motivate your mind and brain to feel healthy.”


Promising that its positive effect is seen and that the practice of meditation also helps in reducing the feeling of pain, Acharya Lokesh Muni said, “Palliative care is proven to help a patient for a positive acceptance of reality as any alternative therapy that boosts emotional balance during the stress. When we work on mind, it effects every action of body and have the capacity to heal things that are challenging to medical science. Ayurveda also has an impact on immune system. Cells are life stores and every physiological, emotional well being added with spiritual practices support life and its expectancy.”



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